Are you looking to sell you house?  Let me help you.

Steps to consider when selling ... I can help you with all of these.

    1. Decide when you're ready to sell
    2. Sign an agreement, and I can then  begin marketing your house to prospective buyers
    3. Figure out how much to sell your house for.  Your Realtor can help you with this by looking at comparable listings in your area
    4. Line up a lawyer or notary public so that you're ready to process the necessary paperwork when an offer comes in
    5. Get your house ready for showings.  Make that first impression count
    6. Talk to your financial institution to ensure you know the terms of your current financing and any penalties that may be involved if you sell now.  Also look at your options around transferring the existing mortgage to a buyer or carrying it forward onto the next home that you purchase
    7. I will present you with an offer and help you to negotiate a deal that will work for you
    8. Lastly we will close the deal and work with your notary or lawyer and your financial institution to execute the purchase agreement